Among the readers of this write up, some of you must be planning to visit a strip club to get a first-hand experience and some may be regular visitors.

However, while you are visiting such strip club Dallas TX, the ladies stripper expects certain amount of decency from your side. In this small write-up, we have provided few of these unwritten rules that every visitor must abide by.

  • Remember that the bartenders are here to earn some money and hence they expect that you must buy at least few drinks.
  • If you want to spend some time with any girl then you must at least offer her a drink and if you are not here for lap dance then politely turn her down.
  • If you have come in a group then you must tip at least once to the performer and ensure that each member of the group must spend some money.
  • If you want to engage a girl for more number times for dancing  then for every dance you must be ready to offer extra tips.

  • Rules of every strip club may be slightly different and hence you must be well aware about them prior to visiting the place.
  • While you are in the company of a girl who may be stripping, make sure that you  do not touch them or attempt to make any body contact.
  • You are not supposed to have intimate relationship with dancers or bartenders and neither should you ask their names or contact numbers or try to get in touch with them in future.
  • All the artists who work in these strip club want to maintain privacy of their own as far as their own private life is concerned and hence you do not try to make an attempt to enter into their private life.
  • Try to befriend the host of the club who may be of different ethnic background. Choose your preferred host and tip him or her lavishly so that you may be assured of better seat in the strip club.
  • Try to dress properly and take bath before you visit the place. Ladies will prefer to approach only those who look clean and also smell better.

  • Don’t over indulge in drinking, as no girl will like to accompany any client who is not in control of himself. Also, make sure that you can go back home safely.
  •  In case, you are a lady and have accompanied your man then wear proper underwear so that if you are wearing miniskirt then your vagina may not be exposed.