Ribbon and presents go a long way. But presents are not the only thing that ribbons could be used for. Craft ribbons are an excellent way to spice up your craft project. They are simply perfect for homemade gifts, decorating, scrapbooking, or sewing. You could get these ribbons in many different colors, patterns and sizes, making it simply perfect for any project. It goes without saying that ribbons are one of the most versatile and handy craft supplies.

All craft ribbons have varying edging, though the most common designs seen on them are woven, wire, or cut designs. Woven and cut edges don’t hold any shape and are flexible. On the other hand, the wire edge ribbons are adjustable and could be used to hold some specific shape or design. The wired ribbons are a littler costlier when compared to the cut edge ribbons. These ribbons could be used in accordance with your craft.

Apart from edging, another thing that differentiates one ribbon from the another is the type of fabric used for them. You could find ribbons in all possible materials from velvet to satin, or cotton to synthetic. Name it and you’ll find it.

Craft ribbons could be purchased from craft stores or from the comfort of your home via various online shopping portals like FinerRibbon.com. Choosing ribbons could be a little confusing. Here is a guide, which would save you from unnecessary pain of pondering over the large pile of cloth.

  1. You first need to have a clear idea of what you want. Ribbon comes in varying colors, fabric, design and prints. So, choose the right one that is best for your craft or project.
  1. If you are doing a craft, which requires the ribbon to retain the shape, you could use wired ribbons. They help in retaining shape. They are sometime also called craft curling ribbons. These are the perfect supplies to make all sorts of kids’ crafts like hair-bows, magic wands, masks, hats and the list goes on. One could get as creative they want with these.
  2. Fabric Ribbons come in different materials like satin, cotton, velvet, and much more. These are mostly used for wrapping presents. But again, it depends on one’s creativity as to how they wish to use. They could be used for hair accessories, home décor projects etc.
  3. Sheer organza ribbon is most commonly used for wedding crafts, mainly because of its graceful and elegant looks. This fabric craft ribbon simply adds a touch of richness. It is used for a variety of crafts projects like floral arrangements, wreaths and more.

Keep these points in mind and assess your needs before buying ribbons for craftwork.