The whodunnits of history, the what-ifs of time all have a way to make people expound theory upon the theory of the events. Some of the theories make perfect sense while others seem to come from far left field.

However, every conspiracy contains a shred of truth, although how much, is left the ConspiraTees. While these stories have often made grist for gossips much of what was said may have had truth layered into the fables.

To Secure the Presidency

Take the story of Edith Wilson. Wife of President Theodore Wilson (1913-1921), it is rumored that she was the voice behind the presidential pen. Unlike today where the public has access to practically everything concerning the president from his health to social media interactions, the same can not be said of the early 1900s. In those days, there was an air of secrecy regarding Pres. Wilson’s health.

To ensure privacy after Pres. Wilson suffered a stroke, Mrs. Wilson stepped in and acted as a steward. Everything was communicated to her, and she then relayed the information to the recovering president. In those days this was something to be kept on the hush. The White House staffers feared that if the public became aware that the Commander in Chief was not up to the task there would be far-reaching implications.

The real role Mrs. Wilson played behind the scenes may never be truly known. However, her actions and discretion saved a presidency.

Misguided Experiments Create Medical Wonders

It is well-known that war makes strange bedfellows and while the atrocities cannot be ignored, the medical benefits are not something to be sneezed at. While it is widely rumored that the United States government participated in a medical cadaver experiment involving the victims of Nagasaki and Hiroshima; it is less known of the medical communities surprise at the well-documented experiments made by Hitler’s regime.

Several of the inhumane experiments performed at camps such as Dachau produced results that are still consulted today. For example, the testing of more than 50 gypsies resulted in the well-known knowledge that people can not drink seawater and remain hydrated. Consequently, the medical community at large would be loath to admit that much of what was learned regarding the human body was garnered from such experiments, they have no compunction in using this information for the benefit of mankind.

Seclusion Based on a Lie

Today it is inconceivable that a person would be discriminated against based on sexual orientation. However, the Cold War had many victims and the same-sex oriented were not left out. Imagine being asked to take a test that would evaluate stress levels, and later to be called in by your supervisor to be told that they had proof that you were homosexual. This particular experiment was carried out by the Canadian government during the 1960s. Thousands of people were released from employment or simply denied employment based on the Fruit-Machine.


This is just a glimpse of the conspiracy theories that have floated through time and reached modern ears. Each one is based on facts in history and affected the lives of thousands. From the Canadian gaydar to a woman leading the United States, each one is grounded in facts.

Each circumstance is something in history that has caused people to whisper behind their hands regarding why something is happening or why it happened, to begin with. With history as our guide, there will be whispers about governments and medical knowledge that will keep tongues wagging for years to come. So remember, the next time a conspiracy theorist whispers to you, what they say might very well be true.