A casual strip club visitor is well aware of the common errors that can damage their enjoyment level. Money gets wasted or you can get subpar customer service. Mentioned below are some tips that can help you improve your possibilities of enjoying fun moments with the strip dancers and leave the club with iPhone, bank account, and self-respect intact.

Error guys need to avoid at the strip clubs

Bring a reluctant girlfriend

The worse thing is to bring along a girlfriend, who is reluctant to go to a strip club. She will avoid making eye contact with the strippers and sit with arms crossed looking uncomfortable. Bring a date that is keen to enjoy good moments at the Bucks Cabaret gentleman’s clubs. If your girlfriend’s first visit is traumatic, the strippers will never pay attention to you…..It can be a terrible turn the next time you go alone!

Choose bachelor package

You can get a great VIP deal if you plan to go in a group. It is not worthy! You will possibly be taken to someplace, where the host will show you a lineup of their best girls. It means the girls that bring fat tips. Unfortunately, you will miss the other talent in the club. Never buy those stupid, expensive dances, where the dancers beat the bachelor.

Never ask about club rules

Asking club rules saves confusion and awkward situations like when a stripper censures you for not giving tip or asking you to keep your hands in your pocket. Some guys get kicked out because they are used to no-contact clubs. No one desires to get shocked when a dancer sits on their lap.

Giving excuses instead of saying NO

Some guys fear to say NO directly to private dance or company offers. They don’t want the dancer to feel rejected. Therefore, they make excuses like ‘I am married’, ‘I am waiting for a friend’, etc. The dancers never feel bad if you clearly and respectfully say ‘No, thank you’. They never return to bother you.

Not asking prices before committing

Customers can be whisked to VIP areas without discussing prices. The scene changes when they are asked for wildly inflated amounts. To avoid getting targeted by shady strippers or bartenders ask the prices upfront.

Using a mobile phone close to the stage

When the stripper is performing, she does not desire to get distracted. There are cases, where a dancer was on the stage and there was a flash going off, she grabbed the phone and hurled it on the floor. The real story is the customer was not taking any photos but had it set on flash alert. This makes the phone burst in the light rather than jingles. What a misunderstanding! To avoid such a situation, stay far away from the stage.