Miami is a party lover’s ultimate paradise. You can never really have enough of booze, events and parties here, but there’s also a list of other attractions to consider. If you are in Miami for your honeymoon, or simply want to spend the weekend enjoying the vibe of the city, we have a guide below to explore Miami better at night.

Don’t miss the nightclubs

There’s nothing like spending time at a 24-hour night club in Miami. In fact, many clubs even have multiple entertainment zones, special shows and events, so there’s something new every night. There are also rooftop bars that offer panoramic views of the city. For selected events, we strongly recommend that you go for an advance table booking, and if you want to plan your party at a Miami nightclub, do plan ahead in time and contact the best nightclubs to know about packages and offers. One of the better names for 24-hour fun is E11EVEN, which is located in downtown Miami.

Cruise around

What can be more fun than watching the sunset in Miami against the backdrop of the skyline and South Beach? Cruising tours are usually organized in the evening, and tickets can be booked online. Boat tours are great for honeymooners and families alike, and you can find packages that you give you some private space on the beach to view the sunset.

Enjoy the arcade

Many clubs and entertainment avenues have arcade games, laser games and more, which could be a great way of bringing the night down with the family. Most venues do have a bar, so the adults won’t be bored either. Miami also has clubs that caters to large groups, so you can check online and shortlist a few options. A good choice is Laserland & Adventure, which is located close to the airport.

Don’t miss Bayside Marketplace

If you are a fan of shopping, live music and food, Bayside Marketplace is the ideal place to explore. Although the place may feel a tad more touristy on weekends, but the experience is worthwhile for evenings when you don’t exactly want to get drunk. There are a good number of independent stores and boutiques that you can check, and the prices are pretty okay if you want to take back a few souvenirs.

Check online now to find more on the best nightclubs in Miami and bring out your perfect party outfits!