When your best friend is getting married, you will want to throw her the best hens party that you can come up with. Although you can take her and a group of her friends out for a night on the town, a night in can be just as fun. Here are some ideas for hens party games whether you go out or stay home.

Have a Scavenger Hunt

If you do decide to take the bride-to-be and a group of friends out on the town, you can create a scavenger hunt to play at every stop that’s made. Since the focus is on the bride, she will be the primary player and you can make up a list of items she needs to collect, such as the following:

  • A business card from a man
  • The telephone number of either a man or woman…for one of the friends
  • A condom
  • A coaster or book of matches from every pub visited during the evening

How Well Is She Known?

The bride can gather some information for one of the hens night games by making a list of questions to ask the party goers about herself. It’s a game to see who knows her best, so the questions should be about her and her life, such as the following:

  • What is her middle name?
  • When did she lose her virginity?
  • What is her favourite movie?
  • Where did she met her fiancée?
  • Who was her high school crush?

Play Truth or Dare

Everyone loves this classic game and it can get rather rowdy during a party. It could be played at home or while visiting the clubs with the bride-to-be and the other hens in the group. Although it is one of the better hens night activities, try not to get the bride-to-be in trouble by daring her to do something she would be embarrassed for her fiancée to see.

During a game of truth or dare, the dares could include the following or others:

  • Kissing a guest
  • Drinking two shots in a row
  • Doing the Chicken Dance with no music

For the “truth” questions, try to think of embarrassing questions, but nothing too personal since you don’t want to make enemies the day before the wedding. Ask questions like the following:

  • Who did they have their first crush on?
  • What do they hate about their fiancée or boyfriend (depending on who’s being asked)?
  • What is their wildest fantasy?

These are just some of the fun game ideas you can use for a memorable hens night for the bride-to-be.