Going to a strip club is not new and most men find it the best way to spend their weekend evening after a week of stress. While many men just lie around drunk and delusional while watching the pretty girls do their moves like a snack they can take home for dinner, a visit to a strip club should be more than just the lust. Strip clubs are a place where you can get a lap dance, watch all naked girls doing all kinds of tricks, or get to know one stripper who captures your attention and have quality chats with.

How you enjoy your time at the club is up to you. Although it is fine to play the low card like everybody else, you can also stand out and capture the attention of every stripper at the adult entertainment club in Fort Worth. If you want to make your strip club experience worth every minute, here are some tips you should consider:

Display some Confidence

Once you enter a strip club, always walk with confidence, which means holding your head high. Whether you are a regular to the club or a first-time visitor, do not lurk around like you are confused about where to sit. Make it look like you are familiar with the environment and settle in quickly. Also, do not seat in front of the stage. Usually, this space is considered the pervert’s row and if you are new to the club look for a seat behind this row.

Respect the Dancers

When you enter the club, try to look at the girls in the eye instead of their bodies. This shows some respect and sets you a level above the rest. If you catch a stripper’s glaze, hold it and encourage her to approach you.

Build a Connection

If you really want the real magic to happen, try to get to know the girl and connect to her before other guys capture her attention. But, it can be easier said than done, especially if you don’t know how to catch her attention. What you can do is to talk about her passion and other things she does when she is not in the club. Also, if the dancer is a bit restless while you talk to her, tell her to come back later. If you show that you care, you can easily connect with anyone at the club. After building a connection, you can easily get little flavors like special dances from the dancers.