The materialistic metropolitan life has made our lives chaotic and stressful. Time and again, we come across people who have been exhausted so deeply with their lives that they desperately look for ways in which they can vent their stress out. Be it weddings, birthday parties or even corporate events, there has been an astounding increase in people opting for places that harmonize with nature. Just the thought of visualizing a picturesque landscape makes us refreshed and rejuvenated. Imagine the joy and peace that we experience when we host events under nature’s heart, especially in venues like a historic barn! All over the United States, farmhouses are being recreated as event centers, and these ensure that the guests create everlasting memories. One such event center having the oldest yet most exquisite farmhouse is ‘Green Acres’ which is located in Minnesota (MN), one of the beautiful states that is bestowed with nature’s bounty and is one of the most famous barn venues in MN.

Historic Barns- The Futuristic Heavens

As ancient as they may sound and look, these heavenly places on earth make us forget our earthly worries and monthly targets. Event centers, especially like ‘Green Acres’ in MN, host a wide range of events like marriages, birthdays, social gatherings, charity events, special occasions, and even corporate meetings in a farmhouse equipped with all the luxuries for fine dining, lodging, and assemblies.

The Perfect Fairytale Wedding

Who wouldn’t want a dreamy fairytale wedding in the outdoors when it can happen in such beautiful places? These event centers cater to the needs of the guests customizing the events based on their desires and preferences. Right from the bride walking through the woods instead of the aisle to celebrate the wedding over wooden tables set up under the sky and dancing on the wooden floor, they manage to make each wedding like a marriage made in heaven- austere, pure and divine. With the wedding itinerary written on hanging wooden signboards and environment-friendly handpicked gifts, barn venues in MN give us every reason to love and cherish the occasion.

Grow older with nature

Celebrations of life like birthdays and anniversaries are best when basked under the sun with the blessing of nature. The event centers host a wide range of interesting and fun games for all age groups. You can dance all your heart like no one’s watching on the beautiful and serene dancefloors inside the farmhouse. An opportunity to ride on a horse and savoring the aura of a cowboy is the best thing that one might want to do on his/her birthday.

Seal deals with nature

Fixing such countryside venues for corporate events such as success parties, farewell parties, and team get-togethers is the best way to lighten the mood up from the competitive world. Although it’s one of the oldest event centers, there is nothing scarce for professionals. From high-speed Wi-Fi to projectors and audio aids, there is everything that one needs to have a ball of a time.

Appetizing cuisine for the soul

The guests at barn venues in MN can choose their catering from three experienced and renowned caterers to fill their hearts and stomachs with mouth-watering food. The soul is bound to get stirred when you realize that the food which is served here is fresh from the recent harvest and made with skillful hands from the best caterers in the U.S.