You would think that a place like a strip club won’t have a dress code. After all, what could be less formal than getting a lap dance? There is a reason however that they are also called Gentlemen’s clubs. It is not that you have to be strictly formal, but if you want to be perceived positively and get respect from others, you have dress accordingly.

Know the dress code

Every gentleman’s club will have a different dress code, depending on the clientele it is looking to attract. If you are looking for a premium gentlemen’s club in South Florida, consider dropping by Gold Rush Cabaret. They have a relaxed dress code, but even then it does not mean you can wear just about anything.

You can check the website of the strip club you are visiting to see if they specify a dress code. Many however will give you some leeway, especially if you are visiting them for the first time. You will learn more as you keep visiting clubs in different areas about what to wear.

General guidelines

Whether you are going to a strip club for a lap dance or any other service, it is first and foremost a professional affair. The girls and other employees expect a certain kind of attitude from you too.

  • Wearing a coat and tie conveys a gentlemanly attitude and makes others comfortable
  • If you don’t want to wear a tie, wear just normal formal clothing
  • Do not wear t-shirt and jeans as you won’t get a warm treatment from girls, because they will perceive you as some kind of a jock
  • Also, wear formal shoes as sneakers also convey a very bad attitude

You will get a better reception from people if you are wearing clean and pressed clothing. In general, don’t wear anything that you would wear at the gym or beach. Sandals and flip flops are a complete no-no. They make the girls really uncomfortable around you as they don’t know what kind of behavior to expect from you

Going directly from work

If you are going to a gentlemen’s club directly from work, you can continue wearing the same attire. You are most probably wearing what is considered a formally acceptable dress in your local work place. If you want to be seduced at a strip club, you should know what will attract them to you in the first place.