Kids love magic.  Ok, come on; who doesn’t love magic?!

No, but truly, hiring Toronto Magicians for a child’s birthday party is a pretty smart idea.  After all, children can be somewhat fickle—and not all kids like the same things—while some can have a very hard time paying attention.  Some might not like clowns or juggling or music or whatnot.

But there is something special about a magician.


Magic has the power to captivate, to engage, to dazzle and amaze.  Indeed, that is why everyone loves a good illusionist.  From simple close up sleight of hand to the much larger stage shows, magicians evoke the kind of wonder and discovery that children feel every day. That is why kids love them so much.  Even as adults—after we learn that “magic” isn’t real—we allow the suspension of disbelief in order to be wowed and shocked and assuaged as we once did living with the innocence of youth.


But magicians do more than entertain a crowd with illusion and mystery.  They also engage a crowd too.  That is another reason a magician is a smart choice for children’s parties: they keep each child engaged and in the moment.  And while all the kids are mesmerized by the magic, you have a few moments to yourself to catch your breath, settle your mind, and prepare for the next part of the day.


Of course, there often comes a time in every magic routine for when the magician will call upon a volunteer in the audience. This brings a personal experience into the mix. If there is a birthday boy or birthday girl, of course, they could be called upon; but maybe there will be more than one opportunity or maybe the magician has a special trick that involves everyone. The more personal the experience is, the more fun children will have, and the better the memory will be long after the party has ended.